House Bill 1066 allocates up to $115,000,000 per biennium to non-oil-producing counties and the townships within these non-oil-producing counties for "road and bridge infrastructure projects".


The $115,000,000 is to be divided between the counties and townships as follows:

  • 13%, or $14,950,000, among the townships in non-oil-producing counties,
  • 87%, or $100,050,000, among the non-oil-producing counties.

The township amount will be split evenly among all townships in non-oil counties that maintain road miles. Based on current certifications to the Office of State Treasurer, this will result in approximately $9,160 going to each township. This money will be distributed to the county for further allocation to the organized townships. In the case of unorganized townships, the county will retain the money for use on unorganized township roads.

The county amount will be allocated to the non-oil-producing counties based on the most recently completed Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute's needs study. The distribution to each county is to be proportional to each county's total estimated needs relative to the combined needs of all eligible counties.

Eligible Projects:

HB 1066 defines "road and bridge infrastructure projects" as follows...

"Road and bridge infrastructure projects" means the projects associated with the construction of new unpaved and paved road and bridge infrastructure or associated with the maintenance, repair, or replacement of existing unpaved and paved road and bridge infrastructure.


As with the municipal amounts, the timing of these distributions will be dependent on when the County and Township Infrastructure Fund bucket is filled during the biennium. Distributions will occur the month after the fund reaches its biennial cap of $115,000,000, or the end of the biennium if it doesn't fill completely.

Reporting Requirements:

By November 30 of each even numbered year, each county that receives a distribution from this fund is required to provide a report to the Office of State Treasurer on the usage of the funds received. This reporting will be done online via the Office of State Treasurer's website and will provide for review of the reported information by the general public.

Failure to report in a timely manner or in the correct format will make said county ineligible for funding during the subsequent biennium. Using the funding in a manner inconsistent with the requirements for eligible projects will reduce any future grants to that county by the amount spent on ineligible projects.

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