North Dakotans:

Thank you for visiting the Veterans' Postwar Trust Fund web page on the State Treasurer’s website. I hope you will find this page informative and easy to use.

In 1996, North Dakota citizens voted to create a constitutionally protected trust fund to provide benefits to existing and future veterans and their families. The State Treasurer is the trustee of the fund, which is to be invested to both survive in perpetuity and provide income to the Administrative Committee on Veterans Affairs (ACOVA) for grants and programs benefitting our veterans. I am honored by this responsibility. Veterans deserve our utmost respect, and it is my duty to ensure that the Veterans' Postwar Trust Fund continues to grow to meet the needs of our current and future veterans.

Please see below for the status reports for the most recently completed fiscal years. The distributable earnings have been distributed to ACOVA and are now available to help meet the needs of those who have given so much.



Thomas Beadle 

State Treasurer


Prior Year Status Reports: