The State Treasurer is responsible for collection of the following taxes:

Assessed Communications Services Fee (NDCC 57-40.6-02(2))

Bail Bond Forfeitures (NDCC 29-27-02.1)

Civil Filing Fees (NDCC 27-05.2-03)

Community Service Supervision Fund (NDCC 29-26-22)

Court Administration Fee (NDCC 29-26-22)

Criminal Administration Fee (NDCC 29-26-22)

Displaced Homemaker Account (NDCC 27-05.2-03)

District Court Costs (NDCC 29-26-22)

Domestic Violence Prevention Fund (NDCC 14-03-22)

Indigent Civil Legal Service Fund (NDCC 27-05.2-03)

Indigent Defense Administration Fund (NDCC 29-07-01.1(4))

Indigent Defense/Facilities Fund (NDCC 29-26-22)

Indigent Defense Recoupment (NDCC 29-07-01.1)

Medical Center Levy (Article X, Section 10, Constitution)

Motion To Modify An Order (NDCC 27-05.2-03)

Municipal Court Transfer Revenue (NDCC 40-18-15.1NDCC 40-18-06.2)

State Tuition Fund: (Article IX, Section 2, Constitution)

Net Fines, Penalties And Forfeitures (NDCC 15.1-28-02)

Restitution Collection Assistance Fund (NDCC 12.1-32-08)