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FALL…it is my favorite time of year!  I love the leaves' changing colors, the crunching sound they make under my feet while outside enjoying the day.  Football is FINALLY back on airwaves, and in some areas, our kids are back on the field.  The air is cool, and the sweatshirts are back!  Did I mention it's my favorite!   Some of us are already jumping forward to the holidays, looking forward to celebrating our traditions with family and friends; this year may bring many new challenges.  Schools are back in session, but for most families, school looks very different this year.   Kids are home more than ever, and many parents are still working from home.  Add that to a concern for our elderly and those at high-risk, and our "stress buckets" are overflowing.  How do we keep it all in perspective, and find some time for ourselves amid these ongoing challenges?

We are so accustomed to going, going, going.  If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is to slow down and enjoy the simple things.  Simple is good!  Working from home has eliminated the office's rush home, giving families more time to prepare and enjoy a meal TOGETHER. Celebrate the little things!  Make those special events more familiar, like a fall bonfire with the kids or a cozy movie night with your spouse.  Many of us thought this pandemic would be over by now; instead, we are still in the heart of it.  We must find ways to take care of ourselves.  Can you carve out 30 mins of each day to breathe and enjoy some alone time?

Enjoy these last beautiful fall days by getting outside.  Exercise and fresh air help clear the mind and help you sleep better at night.  Maybe it's a walk; perhaps it is sending the kids outside with your spouse while you make supper, or something as simple as a trip to the grocery store alone.   Curl up with a good book, something that takes you away.  It can be the simplest of things, but it will allow us a small sense of normalcy. 

As we prepare for the holiday season and what that entails, try to take this fall and enjoy the simple things. 

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