News Release: Office of State Treasurer staff to work remotely

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Office of State Treasurer staff to work remotely

Bismarck ND - State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt announced effective at business close Friday, March 20th, the implementation of the “Work from home plan,” for the Office of State Treasurer. “Our top priority is the health and safety of our staff and the continued financial services essential to the State. With the closing of schools and daycares, it became necessary to implement our remote work plan. This plan allows team members to continue managing the professional duties of the Office while addressing the needs of their families,” said Schmidt.
Our agency will continue to provide the checks and balances to our financial processes. Cash management operations, payroll, and distributions to our counties, cities, and school districts will not be interrupted. “We have taken every necessary step to ensure the daily functions of this office will not be interrupted. A communication plan has been provided to every state agency. All agencies can be assured, there will be minimal, if any, disruption in the daily work including deposits and check distribution,” says Schmidt.
The goal is to reduce the people-to-people contact in the Office of the Treasurer. “We’ve often viewed our office as the petri-dish of the Capital as a team member from every state agency filters through the office at least one time per day and sometimes twice. By reducing the contact of outside people and paper, we feel confident, we can mitigate our risk of contact and keep the staff healthy and at work,” stated Schmidt.
Physical access to the Office of The State Treasurer will ONLY be allowed from 9 - 10:30 am daily. A drop box has been made available for outside of these hours. We are available during regular business hours by phone at 701-328-2643 or via email at
Treasurer Schmidt stated, “These are unprecedented times, requiring calm but necessary change. Collaboration, cooperation, and communication are essential as we work to address these ever-changing times.”
For More Information Contact:
Kelly Schmidt
State Treasurer
600 E. Blvd., Dept. 120, Bismarck, ND 58505

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